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The e-Editions of The Modern Square, where available, are noted on this page. Each is in PDF format, requiring an appropriate utility (Fox-It, Adobe Acrobat, etc.) to view or print. Note that for some years, some months had no issue published. e-Editions are NOT available prior to 2015.

A PDF copy of a print edition, 2 months prior to the latest e-Edition, is available here. This 2 month delay prevents non-subscribers from getting the print edition in a timely manner, when others are paying $20 a year for it. Subscription forms are inside each issue. The "print edition" at the link noted is for April, 2022.

Note: Depending on your web browser, you may have to tell your computer to use your PDF reader/viewer to open the file. This can be Adobe Acrobat Reader, Fox-It PDF Reader, or a comparable program.

At times, clubs will hold a Subscription Dance, where dancers can sign up for, or renew, their print subscription to The Modern Square, or sign up for an e-Edition subscription. If your club is interested in hosting a subscription dance, please contact one of the Board members on THE ASSDF link above.

The deadline for publication is 9pm Central Time, on the 14th of the month, prior to the month of issue. Please do NOT wait until the last minute to send in your items, or they likely will have to wait until the next issue. As of now, the next issue is released sometime on the 15th of the month, prior to the month of issue (March 15 for the April, issue); unless there is an announced delay for weather, holidays, etc.

As of now, I am planning on being at the Twirling Lariats June Bug Jamboree and Dance on Saturday, June 4, 2022, at American Legion Post 128, at Mann Road and Leah Lane (9925 Leah Lane). The ASSDF Spring Delegates Meeting will be at 4pm, prior to the BBQ dinner at 6pm (with Carolyn Cullins' scrumptious BBQ), and the dance at 7pm, with Tim Tyl calling. See the flier on the Upcoming Events page for more information. I plan to just "work the table" (I do NOT plan to dance), but I'll be answering questions about The Modern Square and the ASSDF website. Note that due to vision issues, I can NOT stay for the entire dance, as I'm unable to drive at night anymore.

Other Links will be posted as issues are released.