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Conventions are annual, national dances that give dancers the chance to meet other callers, dancers, and clubs from the US, Canada, and around the world.These are multi-day events with dancing, shopping, and friends from the Square and Round Dancing community. To view the upcoming National Square Dance Convention (R) websites, click here.





The Modern Square


The ASSDF puts out a monthly publication, with all of the information you need from the ASSDF President, club reports, as well as a list of special dances. Plus, the e-Edition also notes local dance venues, and image gallery of recent dances, among other items. To view or download past issues, (click here).


Club Insurance

Clubs may feel that ''their caller insurance'' protects thembut, according to Callerlab and the American Callers Association, it protects them ''only if a caller causes injury''. Your club is at risk of a massive lawsuit if something happens at a dance, without insurance. However, Dance Clubs may receive economical dancer insurance (per dancer) through the United Square Dancers of  America, by contacting the ASSDF's Insurance Advisor, Sheila Gesing, at (870) 942-2273. For further details on the USDA Insurance, and ASSDF Club Dues, click here.

ASSDF clubs needing financial assistance for things like hall rent, lessons, etc., a form is available here. Fill it out, and return it to any member of the ASSDF Executive Board

For a look back at clubs and dancers that are ''Gone, But Not Forgotten'' (updated Oct. 5, 2023), click here. For a list of club/group Facebook pages (updated Oct. 18, 2023), click here. For a history of the ASSDF (updated Aug. 3, 2023), click here.

The Alliance for Round, Traditional, and Square Dance (ARTS-Dance) has created 60-second videos, with information about the many benefits of dancing. Links to the videos produced for this project are intended to be posted and shared throughout the dancing community. As the videos become available, links will be posted, shared and publicized. A PDF file with more information can be downloaded here.

Contact the ASSDF


For any further questions, please contact us via email to assdfmodernsquare at gmail dot com

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