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Conventions are annual, national dances that give dancers the opportunity to meet other Callers, Dancers, and Clubs from around the country. These are multi-day events with dancing, shopping, and friends from the Square and Round Dancing community.






The Modern Square

The ASSDF puts out a monthly publication, with all of the information you need from the ASSDF President, club information, local dance venues, an image gallery of recent dances (in the e-Edition), and much more!


Club Insurance

Clubs may mistakenly believe that their club caller’s insurance is an umbrella for their  club; unfortunately, that’s just not the case. Mac Letson, Executive Director of the American Callers Association, notes that ACA callers are covered, and dancers  "only if the caller directly causes injury". He agreed that dancers need insurance, such  as USDA (United Square Dancers of America) insurance. And, from the CALLERLAB website, "It protects CALLERLAB, and you, the caller. These policies do not cover the dancers." Basically, your club and its members are at risk for a lawsuit, if you're dancing without insurance, and something happens at a dance.

Dance Clubs may receive dancer insurance through the United Square Dancers of  America (USDA) or by contacting the ASSDF's Insurance Advisor, Sheila Gesing. 

Clubs need to submit their roster, plus a $5.25 fee per dancer, to ASSDF Insurance  Advisor, Sheila Gesing by December 1st of each year, to have coverage for the upcoming year. Dancers who are members of more than one club, only have to pay the fee once. If you have further questions, please contact Sheila Gesing at (870) 942-2273 or via email. A file with more information on the USDA Dancers Insurance program is located here

Also, ASSDF Club Member dues ($20) is due by January 1st of each year, for the  new year. Payment should be sent to ASSDF Treasurer Sheila Gesing, 9760 Grant 7, Sheridan, AR 72150.

Next, the USDA is offering a Youth Scholarship Fund (a $2500 value) for kids and grandkids as high school seniors, or college freshman, involved in square dancing, round dancing, clogging, or contra dancing. For more information, and an application form, click here. The deadline is Feb. 1, 2023.

Lastly, for ASSDF clubs needing financial assistance for things like hall rent, lessons, etc., a financial assistance request form is available here. Fill it out, and return it to any member of the ASSDF Executive Board, located here.

Contact the ASSDF


For any further questions, please contact us at

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