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Square Dance

A lively dance in which sets of four couples are arranged in a series of squares and prompted through various steps and movements by a caller.

How to Square Dance


There are a few ways to get started:

  -  There is always a friendly face waiting to show you the steps at your local square dancing venue! There are dozens of places around the state that dance, check out our list of clubs below.
  -  There are videos online to watch and to practice alongside of while you're learning! A few of our members recommended the "Video Square Dancing Online" when they first started.

  -  Taminations is an app/online tool that shows hundreds of different calls in each style (Basic, Mainstream, Plus, Advanced, and Challenge).



Many clubs will hold lessons at various times of the year. There's usually a minimum of prospective students needed before the class can be held. Please contact the individual indicated for the status of the the day, time, and location for the class, may change.

Classes are noted until after the first 2 lessons (which are free). After that, the listing is removed, until word is received of a new class starting. The reason for this change is that after "the free lessons" end, it's too late for students wishing to begin, to get into the class, as they'd be "too far behind" to catch up. Normally, the first two classes are free, so prospective students can see if this is something they'd like to do. The fee for the class (set by the club) is to pay the hall rent, and to pay the caller/cuer for their time...although they aren't getting rich on doing such.

Clubs planning classes need to send the information (day, time, location, contact info) to the Editor (the email is located on this page).

The average time for a class ranges from 10 to 20 weeks, depending on how many "moves" are taught during a particular night...and each lesson "builds on" what was taught in previous weeks. No previous dance experience is required. Please call before you travel, in case of last minute cancellations

Some classes may be on successive nights, but schedule wise, one night might be better than another for some students and/or dancers. The material taught is the same, even if the instructor is different. Note that pre-dance classes/workshops for "experienced dancers" are NOT included.

** No New Lessons At This Time **

How to Get Connected


Each local club looking for new members. It doesn't matter how long you've been dancing or how young you are! If you are interested in joining, please go to the clubs page to find out which region you are in!

Dance Regions


Clubs can become members of the ASSDF, and any dancer can become a member of a club!

Arkansas Dance Regions: (Map on the Clubs Page)

Northwest Region: River City Squares (formerly Skokos Promenaders), Swinging Cavaliers
Southwest Region: Guys 'N Dolls
Central Region: Bluebird Squares, Heber Springers, Levi's and Lace, Maverick Mixers, Twirling Lariats
Northeast Region: Jubilee Squares, Pioneers, Pistols And Petticoats, Twirling Funtimers
Southeast Region: Star Steppers

Club Contacts


Northwest Region

      Fort Smith, River City Squares (formerly Skokos Promenaders)
      Jay King (479) 474-8500
      Charleston, Swinging Cavaliers (Dark until September)
      Ron Keeling (479) 639-0019

Southwest Region

      Texarkana, Guys 'N Dolls

      Rhonda Bailey (903) 276-3422

Central Region

      Benton, Bluebird Squares 
      Carolyn Birdsong (501) 813-7239

      Hot Springs, Levi's and Lace
      Ted and Phyllis Keeney (501) 991-3292

      Mabelvale (Little Rock), Maverick Mixers
      Daryl Stout (501) 690-8325
      Mabelvale (Little Rock), Twirling Lariats
      Cliff Taylor or Carolyn Cullins (501) 847-2157

      Rosebud, Heber Springers
      Kim Deane (501) 757-2030 

      White Hall, Star Steppers
      Sheila Gesing (870) 942-2273

Northeast Region

Northeast Region

      Batesville, Jubilee Squares (currently DARK)
      Laura Wade (870) 926-2442
      Mountain Home, Pioneers
      Roy Hestand (870) 329-1141

      Jonesboro, Pistols And Petticoats (currently DARK)
      Bonnie Hallet (870) 932-7740

      Lakeview, Twirling Funtimers
      Rob and Donna Gellenbeck (870) 620-0037 

Southeast Region

White Hall, Star Steppers
Sheila Gesing (870) 942-2273

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