COVID-19 Information:

​ Some ASSDF Clubs in Arkansas have

SUSPENDED dancing until further notice. Please call before traveling to find out if clubs are dancing, and for any COVID-19 related precautions. 



May 1, 2021 – ASSDF Delegates Meeting and Dance (PDF)

Sept. 3-5, 2021 – 50th Single Square Dances USA Final Dance-A-Rama, Des Moines, IA (PDF)

Oct. 7, 2021 – Trail-End Dance to ASSDF Fall Festival (PDF)

Oct. 8-9, 2021 – 71st ASSDF Fall Festival, Texarkana (PDF)



2021  -  Jackson, Mississippi (Web / PDF)
2022  -  Evansville, Indiana (Web / PDF)
2023  -  Mobile, Alabama (Web) / PDF)

2024  -  Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Web / PDF)

Note: National Squares Online is published in the interest of the National Square Dance Convention, with information on the current upcoming convention. To see a list of available issues, click here. A PDF viewer is required to view them.

For additional files related to the 2021 Convention in Jackson, MS, click here. Note this is a rather large file, with several PDF files within it, on various events with the NSDC.

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There are Delegates Meetings usually at the spring dance, then at the ASSDF Fall Festival. ASSDF Member Clubs should send 2 delegates to the meeting to discuss and vote on issues. The Spring Delegates Meeting is set for 5:30pm on Saturday, May 1...and the Fall Festival Delegates Meeting is set for 9am on Saturday, October 9. See the fliers above for more information on the dances themselves.

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