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If you're not feeling well, or leery of getting out, please stay home. Most clubs have resumed dancing, but please call before you travel. Clubs that are noted as DARK on the Clubs Page are not listed on the Google Events Calendar.



Note: For the club special dances, a caller or cuer is noted if it's different from the regular club caller or cuer.

Oct. 6, 2022 -- Trail-End Dance and Dinner, 72nd ASSDF Fall Festival, Clinton, AR (PDF)

Oct. 7-8, 2022 -- 72nd ASSDF Fall Festival, Clinton, AR (PDF)

Note: Lodging and RV Camping Info for the 72nd ASSDF Fall Festival can be found in the

schedule (updated Sep. 27, 2022), located here. The Advance Registration Deadline

was Sept. 30, 2022, so it costs more as of Oct. 1, 2022, and at the door; plus Lodging/RV

camping prices may be higher, and accommodations may not be available. With the

money saved by registering early...and by not having to leave for meals...enjoying ''Vittles

With Jethro'' (see schedule (updated Sep. 27, 2022) for details), you can purchase

''Fascinators'' at the Festival, before ''the horse races'' on Saturday night. For information on

these, click here.

Oct. 15, 2022 -- Bluebird Squares "Life Is Good" Taco Bar Dance, Benton, AR (PDF)

Oct. 19, 2022 -- Twirling Funtimers Glo Dance, Lakeview, AR (Facebook)

Oct. 22, 2022 -- Heber Springers Special Dance, Rosebud, AR (Caller: Dan Nordbye)


Oct. 29, 2022 -- Maverick Mixers 5th Saturday Chili Bash And Monster Mash Dance, Mabelvale (Little Rock), AR (all callers welcome) (corrected date) (PDF / Facebook)

Nov. 11, 2022 -- Heber Springers Veterans Day Dance, Rosebud, AR (Facebook)

Dec. 9, 2022 -- Heber Springers Christmas Potluck Dance, Rosebud, AR (Facebook)

Dec. 17, 2022 -- Bluebird Squares "Santa And His Elf" Christmas Dance, Benton, AR

Dec. 21, 2022 - Twirling Funtimers December Ball Dance, Lakeview, AR (Facebook)



Nov. 13, 2022 -- 74th National Square Dance Convention (R) Fundraiser Dance -- Bossier City, LA

Callers: Phil Moorehouse, Joey Duhamel, Tim Tyl (PDF)

Dec. 30-31, 2022 -- 72nd National Square Dance Convention (R) New Years Eve 2022 Benefit Dance --

Fultondale, AL -- Callers: Tony Oxendine, Jack Pladdys, and Jet Roberts. Rounds by Tim Eum

(Web) / (PDF)

March 24-25, 2023 -- East Texas Square And Round Dance Association Spring Festival -- Marshall, TX


June 21-24, 2023  -  72nd National Square Dance Convention (R) -- Mobile, AL (Web)

Registration Form (PDF) Lodging Info (PDF) (You will need to fill out both forms).

July 27-29, 2023 - Heart Of America Singles Square Dance Association (HASSDA) 2023 Festival --

Springdale, AR (Trail-End Dance July 27, Main Dance July 28-29) (Web / PDF)

June 26-29, 2024  -  73rd National Square Dance Convention (R) -- Milwaukee, WI (Web / PDF)

June 25-28, 2025  -  74th National Square Dance Convention (R) -- Shreveport, LA (Web / PDF)

June 24-27, 2026  -  75th National Square Dance Convention (R) -- City To Be Announced

Note: National Squares Online is published in the interest of the National Square Dance Convention (R) (NSDC), with information on the current upcoming convention. To see a list of available issues, click here. You will need a PDF viewer to view the files.


Press Releases, etc. related to the 72nd NSDC in Mobile, Alabama, in June, 2023, are in the National Squares Online link noted above, starting with the August, 2022 issue.

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There are Delegates Meetings usually at the spring dance, then at the ASSDF Fall Festival. ASSDF Member Clubs should send 2 delegates to the meeting to discuss and vote on issues. For a handout on topics related to The Modern Square and the ASSDF website, from the Editor, Webmaster, and Circulation Chairman, click here.

The ASSDF Fall Delegates Meeting will be at 8:30am (updated time) on Saturday, October 8, 2022, at the Van Buren County Fairgrounds, in Clinton, Arkansas, in the building where the dancing will be held. See the schedule file (updated Sep. 27, 2022) for more details on the weekend.

Click on the dance link above for the ASSDF Fall Festival in Clinton, for fliers with more information on that dance.