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Welcome to the website of the Arkansas State Square Dance Federation (ASSDF), updated Jan. 17, 2021. Thanks to Zooma Web Design for their assistance. Your Webmaster is Daryl Stout, from Little Rock, Arkansas. The original site was started by the late Joyce Taylor, and I took it over 2008. Note that this site, a "fancy version" of the original website, is a continual work in progress, but you can click on the text only version above, to see the original website (which is designed for slower/erratic internet connections). Eventually, the original website will have data merged to this site. For the mobile sitelook for 3 horizontal lines on the upper left of the main page on your smartphone browser Click on that, and you will see the links to other pages...then click on the desired link. Your smartphone will need to be able to accept mobile website data.




With the COVID-19 Concerns, since dancers were taught (as I heard one caller say it) ''AT&T -- reach out and touch someone''...I know many dancers are uneasy about getting out among other people...whether for dances at clubs, as well as Special Dances. An email blast awhile back to subscribers of the e-Edition...which includes this letter from the ASSDF Board (PLEASE READ AND DISCUSS WITH YOUR CLUBS), and this file from the Centers For Disease Control. An information file from the United Square Dancers Of America is located here. From the Arkansas Health Department, here are the Indoor Venue Directives, and the Face Coverings Guide

As COVID-19 restrictions are slowly lessened, some clubs may resume dancing. Dancers have the option of wearing masks (and gloves) at a dance, if they choose to go dancing. PLEASE CALL BEFORE YOU TRAVEL!! As of Dec. 16, 2020, the ONLY ASSDF clubs that I know of that are dancing are the Heber Springers, the Bluebird Squares, the Pioneers, the Guys N Dolls, the Twirling Lariats, and the Maverick Mixers.




On Google Calender above, is information on Special Dances Inside Arkansas, which may or may not be on their regular dance night and location. For when their Regular Club Dance is held, click on the CALLERS, CUERS, AND CLUBS link above, and scroll down the page. Subscription Dances are where one can sign up for subscriptions to The Modern Square. Information on Special Dances...inside and outside of Arkansas, no matter when  the information was received (first come, first listed)... along with PDF fliers where available, are on the original website. I've also noted on the Special Dances pages (on both sites) when a particular club is DARK (not dancing) that evening. As noted below, please CALL BEFORE YOUR TRAVEL, so  you don't make the trip for nothing. Clubs that may or may not be dark each week, are not noted.

On the More? link, scroll over it, and you'll see links to the other pages. More pages may be added at a later date.

HOME -- what you're viewing now.

INFO ON THE 2021 NSDC -- The 2021 National Square Dance Convention will be in Jackson, Mississippi. I have added links to the websites for it, and upcoming National Square Dance Conventions...including Evansville, Indiana in 2022...Mobile, Alabama in 2023...and Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2024. Also there are links to registration forms and information fliers...please note the registration deadlines on these. An appropriate PDF viewer is required to view or print the information.

IN MEMORIAM -- remembering those callers, cuers, their taws (spouses), dancers, and clubs, that are no longer with us, as well as those callers and cuers that have retired, but to my knowledge, are still alive.

CALLERS, CUERS, AND CLUBS -- List of callers and cuers, and the clubs by Arkansas city. Be sure to take note when they are dancing, and to CALL BEFORE YOU TRAVEL, to make sure you don't "make the trip for nothing". Note the listed clubs are ONLY those that are paid members of the ASSDF. To better find a club's dance site (regular dances only), approximate GPS locations are listed, courtesy of this link.

LESSONS, DEMOS, AND MORE -- Information on lessons, demos, square dance attire, square dance graduation information, guidelines for new dancers, commandments for dancers and callers, and square dance rules from years ago.

EMERGENCIES, CHANGES, CANCELLATIONS -- Information on emergency situations at a dance (a dancer falls ill, etc.), the Emergency Call For Medical Aid, Surviving A Hotel Fire, dancing outdoors in warm weather, etc. Also, information on changes or cancellations to a clubs or festivals, dance location, or dance night. Again, be sure to CALL BEFORE YOU TRAVEL, so you don't "make the trip for nothing".

FALL FESTIVAL, MEETINGS -- Information on the Fall Festival, held on Columbus Day Weekend...as well as information on food, lodging, and the Delegates Meetings, where dancers can discuss the events, etc. of the organization, as well as choosing officers. Items FOR SALE are also noted on this page.

THE MODERN SQUARE -- Information on Arkansas' square and round dance publication. The print edition is $20 a year, but the e-Edition is FREE. However, the continued rising costs of postage and printing, and the continued decline of subscribers and ads, means that a new smaller format is coming in early 2021. Also included are information/links on Subscription Dances, plus various clubs and callers, as well as Facebook groups.

CLUB REPORTS -- News from each club.

HISTORY AND OFFICERS  -- History of the ASSDF, including past presidents...plus past and future cities for the National Square Dance Convention, some square dance poetry that I wrote, and a list of the current ASSDF Officers.

WEBMASTER INFO -- Information on yours truly, and my involvement in square dancing over the years.

Other Info

For any of the PDF files on the site (they are stored on the original website domain to save space), you will need an appropriate PDF viewer. Note that unless you advise me of needed changes to  your data as a caller, cuer, or club (for your regular dance or special dance), there's no way I can know


The Officers (all Volunteers) are here to serve you...but if you will contact yours truly below with your question or contact information, I will forward it to the appropriate party. The slate of officers usually changes every year, with term limits, or other issues. If you would like to serve in the ASSDF, we would be happy to have you. You can also contact us on our Facebook page or on our Twitter Feed -- links to both of these are at the top of each page. You will need to be a user of Facebook or Twitter to post anything.

Lastly, data for callerscuers, and clubs, with the The Modern Square and the websites were SYNCHRONIZED, as yours truly is the Editor. If data is still wrong, it's because the individual callercuer, or club contact did NOT check the data, and notify me of the errors. The email address below is where you send items for publication. For print subscriptions to, or ads in The Modern Square, payment must be made to the ASSDF Treasurer, prior to publication.


Everyone has 1440 minutes per day -- we make time for what we want to do. So, if you don't contact me to correct the erroneous data, it may mean that no one will contact you to call or cue a dance, let alone visit your club for your regular, or special dance. Basically, at that point, the blame is on YOU. What your life is, OFF of the dance floor, is YOUR BUSINESS. My contact information is at the bottom of this page.

Daryl StoutWebmaster, Circulation Chairman, Editor, Arkansas State Square Dance Federation

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