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It'll help with what ails you

It'll chase away the blues

You'll have so much fun

You won't know what to do!

You'll learn to do-si-do

And left Allemande

You'll learn left from right

And right and left grand!

If you walk and listen to music

You can do this dance

Your two left feet?

Here's their chance!

You won't regret it

That's for sure

A couple hours of your time

That's your cure!

Nowhere else will you have so much fun

There's no smoking and drinking

But this Square Dance thing?

It'll take your mind off your thinking!

Wear comfortable clothes

No flip flops or shorts

You're going to hear modern music

Country, Rock, Gospel, and all sorts!

You won't regret doing this

It's a great way to relieve stress

Need to lose weight

And fit into that new dress?

Square Dancing is Friendship set to music

It helps the ole' mind

It's Geometry in motion

Come on out and see what you find!

New friends you'll meet

Old friends you may see

Is where you want to be!

Brenda Ott


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