In Memoriam

Gone But Not Forgotten

This page was last updated on Dec. 20, 2020. Over the years, many of those that were involved in square dancing, round dancing, etc. -- in Arkansas and elsewhere...have gone on to The Eternal Square. These individuals who have gone on before us...whether callers, cuers (or their spouses), or dancers...helped to make the hobby what it is today. While they may be gone from our dance floors, they are certainly NOT forgotten.


Sad to say, even the dancers in the above photo, one day, will be noted on this page. The third gentleman from the right on the back row, in the maroon/burgundy shirt, with the gray hair and a bit of a beard (the late Bill Strawn, one of the callers, is already noted below). Not to be macabre, but none of us is getting any younger, and all of us will die sooner or later.


This is the one page on the websites that I HATE to update, but it has to be done. Yet, it is also meant to show what square and round dancing (especially with clubs) was like in Arkansas years ago (a total of around 100 clubs around Arkansas are no more). As a side note, a square or round dance club may still be dancing, but unless they are a paid member of the ASSDF, they're not noted on the websites.

Note that I do NOT need the club name of the dancer, caller, or cuer, who is deceased...where they danced, etc. -- just the deceased individuals name, and whether they were a caller, cuer, or SUFFICIENT for this page. Thanks also to retired caller J.K. Fancher...dancer Regina Turner...retired cuer Mick Watts, caller Roy Hestand, Jr....among others, for much of the information. 

This page does NOT provide obituaries, funeral information, etc., as these are done by the funeral homes taking care of the funeral, and then burial or cremation arrangements of the deceased. Please check with your local newspaper for their Obituary Page for further details.

If you know others to be added to this list, please contact me (see below)  with the names of these individuals, and whether they were a caller, cuer, spouse of a caller or cuer, a dancer, or a club. This is also for callers and cuers who are still alive, but have ''retired'' well as any needed corrections to the information on this page. Also, National Callers that I've danced to in the past, whether they have called for Arkansas dances or not, who have passed away, are also in this listing.

I've also added the names of Arkansas square and round dance clubs that have long since disbanded. All I need is the club name, and the city where they the clubs are grouped by the city where they danced. At one time, there were over 30 clubs in the Little Rock/Pulaski County area alone. Now, over 30 years later, less than half that amount is all that is left in of Arkansas!! If any of the retired callers/cuers have passed on, please let me know, so I can move them to the proper category. 


Even though I've been involved in square dancing in one way or another for nearly 35 years, I have forgotten the names of many dancers, and clubs in the past. Your help in preserving and remembering the legacy of the dancers and clubs before us would be greatly appreciated.

Note that the subscription to The Modern Square is AUTOMATICALLY TERMINATED in the event of the death of the caller, cuer, or dancer, (as one obviously has no use for it after they've died)...but notes may be published in the reports from the various clubs...and family members of the deceased may want these items as memorials. However, with the e-Edition available on the ASSDF Website, family members can go to the e-Edition page, download the PDF file (an appropriate PDF viewer is required to view and print the files), and they can print the desired pages for themselves. Note that if you are on dial-up or DSL internet, instead of broadband, it will take some time to download the file(s).

In Memoriam: Callers, Cuers, and Spouses

Carol Borengasser, Joe Borengasser, Art Brown, Bill Buck, Martha Buck, Genevieve Fancher, Craig Fletcher, Marshall Flippo, Buddy Gillespie, Cal Golden, Doris Goss, Earl Jones, Billie Kerr, J.D. ''Pappy'' Kerr, Lee Kopman, Betty Lincoln, Bill Lincoln, Lee McCormick, Bob Neidecker, Wendall Parker, Dusty Rhoades, Bill Sherrill, Jerry Story, Jimmy Straughn, Michael Straughn, Bill Strawn, Bill Tiner, Roger Turner, Eukie Walden, Patti Wheelington, Ray Wheelington, Marvin White, Barbara Wilder, ''Wild Bill'' Wilder, John Williams, Ruth Williams, and Carroll Woolverton

In Memoriam: Dancers

Eulas Abbott, Donald Awe, Norma Awe, Joe Boeckmann, Howard Backus, Lorraine Backus, Kenneth Bailey, Sue Bartlett, Leon Baugh, Martin Billings, Renee Billings, Glenna Bostain, Virgil Bostain, Dot Boyd, Jack Boyd, Jack Boylen, Rose Boylen, Louis Brown, Brenda Bryan, Patsy Bunch, Harry Bushing, Irene Bushing, June Caldwell, Dan Cannon, Nancy Carter, Joe Cashion, Mary Challor, Bob Cohen, Virginia Lou Cole, Dorothea Collins, Lloyd Collins, Alice Cook, Huie Cossey, Vivian Cossey, Laverne Crook, J.D. Crook, Gene Daniels, Vi Daniels, Deanna Darden, Lynn Darin, Marcel Darin, Cole Davis, Jean Dearsaugh, Ancel Dezries, Jane Dezires, Don Dixon, Don Duncan, Ben Dunn, Marge Dunn, Camilla Ebinger, Nicholas Ebinger, Susan Elandt, Jeff Fehr, Ben Fletcher, Marge Fraze, Joe Frisby, Maurice Furnival, Clarence Galloway, Dewey Gartrell, Jimmy Gates, Jimmy Goheen, Sue Goheen, Mary ''Bootsie'' Gordon, Chuck Gordon, Huido Grady, Marge Graham, Rudy Graham, Mary Green, June Griffin, Joe Grigsby, Craig Grothaus, Karen Grothaus, Mark Grumbine, Jean Guthrie, George Hagele, Jim Hall, Hank Hallum, Irene Hamm, Buddy Harlow, Theo Harris, Rusty Hart, Edeth Hawk, Harold Hayes, Walt Hegge, Warren Hentrick, Jean Hersh, Nell Hestand, Roy Hestand, Sr., Richard Hicks, Wayne Hicks, Vivian Hicks, Pierre Hoover, Betty Howell, Louis, Huff, Billy Osborne Hurt, Wayne James, Glen Jett, Bob Johnson, Ginger Johnson, John Paul Jones, Roy Jones, Dorothy Kautz, Russ Kautz, Dorothy Kelso, Bob Kent, Barbara Kiessling, Vaughndel Kious, Helen Weber-Kirkman, Richard Kirkman, Pat Koonce, Gene Kreiner, Rosemary Kukyendall, Ken Lance, Mildred Lance, Larry Larson, Shirley Lassila, Warner Latick, John Lehman, Bill Liggin, Jack Lohr, Dorothy Marchese, Joe Marchese, Sam Martin, Jack Mashburn, JoAnn Mashburn, Jim McCarthy, John Boy Miller, Ruth Minier, Ella Moats, Sam Moats, Bill Montgomery, Tad Morris, Lenora Murphy, Duane Needling, Rose Marie Nelson, Wanda Newcomb, W.T. Norton, Don Overholser, Maxine Overholser, Everett Padgett, Kathryn Padgett, Dale Patty, Karen Patty, Nola Plamdeck, Paul Plamdeck, Roy Peck, Ed Pilcher, Rex Porter, Margaret ''Peg'' Porterfield, Arvle Quattlebaum, Ted Rae, Carolyn Randol, Harold Randol, Clyde Redman, Emma Redman, Tommy Reed, Nolen Ricker, Bob Roberson, Fred Roe, Ray Roetzel, Chuck Roth, Cindy Rouse, Mike Rowe, Sam Sample, Horst Scharoll, Martha Schwartz, Dale Seigfreid, Joyce Shaw, June Shaw, John Sides, Bobe Sims, Rick Sims, Ernest ''Shorty'' Sims, Bill Smith, Gordon Smith, Homer Smith, Judy Smith, Joe Speer, Margaret Speer, Bob Springer, Johnny Stebbins, Billy Stinson, Ruth Stinson, Betty Stout, J.D. Stout, James Swanson, Ken Talley, Maggie Tate-Lee, Joyce Taylor, Ernie Teachout, John Thomas, Viola Thomas, Deborah Thompson, Gertrude Thompson, Joe Thompson, Max Thompson, Ruth Thompson, Gary Treadway, Jerry Treadway, Kathy Tucker, Ron Turner, John Turney, Bill Ukeman, Vince Vinciguerra, Dean Wade, Joe Wallace, Nick Walsh, Richard Warrick, Lou Watada, Alice Weaver, Dan Weaver, Joe Weber, Howard Wells, Jeff Wells, Bill Welsh, Connie Wendland, Peggy Werkman, George Wharton, David Wieduwilt, Sue Williams, Lloyd Wilson, Theresa Wisniewski, Diane Woepel, Max Wright, Bob Yarnell, Marie Yarnell, Mark Young, and Myra Young

In Memoriam: Clubs

Arkadelphia: Arkie Stars
Bald Knob: Strawberry Strutters
Batesville: The Matadors
Bauxite: Bauxite Square Dance Club, Star Promenaders
Bearden: Bear Huggers

Bella Vista: Kingsdale Squares
Benton: Arkansas Precision Dancers, Cloverleaf Squares
Bentonville: Odds And Evens, Riviera Ramblers
Berryville: Square Scooters
Booneville: Booneville Promenaders
Brinkley: Brinkley Squares, Monroe County Clodhoppers
Bryant: Dixie Squares
Camden: Merry Mixers
Cave City: Melontown Jubilees
Charleston: Circle Up Squares (the club is STILL DANCING, but it's now known as the Swinging Cavaliers).
Cherokee Village: Cherokee Squares
Clarksville: Johnson County Twirlers
Conway: Rebel Reelers
DeQueen: Dudes And Dolls
Des Arc: White River Robins
Diamond City: Swinging Diamonds
Dumas: Delta Squares
El Dorado: Circle E Squares, Swingin' Promenaders
Fairfield Bay: Bay Rounders, Sugarloafers
Fayetteville: Lazy 8 Squares, Dudes And Dolls
Floral: Ole Time Dancers
Fordyce: Cotton Belt Squares, Dancing Dyce
Fouke: Teen Rebels
Forrest City: Whirling Mustangs
Fort Smith: Double D Squares, Fiesta Squares, Jeans And Janes, Swinging 8's

Greenwood: Cloverleafs
Harrison: Rustic Ramblers, Stardusters
Heber Springs: Heber Springers (the club is STILL DANCING; but they have MOVED, and are now dancing in Rosebud INSTEAD of Heber Springs).
Hope: Melonaires
Horseshoe Bend: Turkey Trotters
Hot Springs: Elks Promenaders, Satin Sets, Tri-Lake Rounders, Tri-Lake Swingers
Hot Springs Village: DeSoto Dancers
Howard County: Diamond Squares
Imboden: Lawrence County Buttons And Bows
Jacksonville: Dancing Razorbacks, Jet Squares
Jasper: Hillbilly Stompers
Jonesboro: J-Town Cloverleafs, Promenaders
Jones Mill: Hot Springs Twirlers

Kibler: Skokos Promenaders (the club is STILL DANCING; but they have MOVED, and are now dancing in Fort Smith INSTEAD of Kibler).
Little Rock/North Little Rock: Arkansas Checkmates, Arkansas Lariats, Arkansas Twirlers, Arky Outlaws, Bachelors 'N Bachelorettes (local area club of the national organization), Belles And Beaus, Boomerangs, County Cloggers, Diamond Squares, Golden Stars, Goodtimers, Grand Squares, Hi Steppin' Squares, Hoedowners, Hoops 'N Hollers, Jo-Car Squares, Motivators, Pairs And Spares, Rainbow Squares, Rhythm Squares, Rock-N-Saw Squares, Scimitar Squares, Sixties Swingers, Southwest Swingers, Square Mixers, Square Rounders, Tuesday Niters, Twin City Stars, Whirl-A-Ways, Yellow Rockers
Lonoke: Lonoke Lariats
Magnolia: Shooting Stars
Mammoth Springers: Mammoth Springers
Manila: Big Lake Hens And Drakes
Marked Tree: Teacup Chains
Mena: Polk County Promenaders, Polk County Rounders
Mountainburg: Ole Barn Dancers
Mountain Home: Ozark Cloverleafs, The Sociables

Mountain View: Ozark Travelers, Stone County Stompers
Monticello: Timber Twirlers
Mulberry: Mulberry Mainstreamers
Newport: Swinging Squares
Ozark: Bells And Bows
Paragould: Pairs And Squares
Pea Ridge: Ridge Rockers
Pine Bluff: Acey Deuceys, Shirts 'N Skirts, Rock 'N Rebs
Quitman: Quitman Squarecrows
Rison: Pioneers
Rogers: Swinging Eights
Russellville: River Valley Squares
Searcy: Red River Ramblers, Watt Knot Rounders, White River Promenaders
Sherdidan: Swinging Jackets
Sherwood: Swinging Teens
Springdale: Shiloh Swingers, Travelin' Hillbillys
Star City: Starlights, Swingin' Satellites
Stephens: Oil Patch Promenaders
Texarkana: Guys N Dolls (The club is STILL DANCING, but they have MOVED to New Boston, Texas).
Van Buren: Swinging C's, Twirling Squares
West Fork: Country Couples
West Helena: Big River Promenaders
West Memphis: Checkerboard Squares
Wherever They Camped: Arkansas Camper Dancers
Yellville: Turkey Trotters

Callers/Cuers Who Have Retired

Brenda Ackerman, Jim Allen, Bonnie Ball, George Barbre, Johnnie Beard, Fran Beheimer, Jeff Black, Bob Bland, Hal Boyette, Louis Bradshaw, Joe Buddenburg, Sam Carolan, Bob Cone, Roy ''June Bug'' Cope, Roy Breeden, Jimmie Bunger, Gene Corbin, Curt Davis, Pat Diamond, Charlie Driver, Frances Erwin, J.K. Fancher, Curt Ford, Ralph Fuller, Chester Garrett, Charles Gilmore, Elgie Goss, Hershel and Treva Graves, Eddie Greenlea, Hickey Harding, Rick Hassell, Clif Hardaway, Jerry and Juliann Hill, Gary Hopkins, Phil Howell, Ken Jarman, Gene Jones, Everett Kellogg, Bill Lewis, Ruben Lovelace, Bob Loyd, Fred Loescher, Spud Magness, Eddie Mason, ''Tooter'' McDonald, Jerry McKissack, Les McCormick, Chuck Miller, Ron Nelson, Wayne Perry, Wayne Redden, Junior Redfearn, Jim Reynolds, Rick Riles, Sam Sanders, Bob Settle, Bill Speaker, Greg And Sue Sporer, Haas Stricklin, Ernest Sutton, Harry Sutton, Jerry Don Testerman, Bud Trevathon, Woody Ussery, Mick Watts, Fred Warnken, Jim Weaver, Mike Welch, and John Wood.

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