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This page was last updated on Oct.  22, 2019. The ASSDF has a yearly fall festival dance in a different Arkansas city, usually around the second weekend of October, which is usually on Columbus Day Weekend. There is a Trail-In Dance on Thursday night (separate admission, details below)...then dancing to Arkansas' Callers And Cuers for the Square And Round Dancing for Friday and Saturday. 

Activities feature fun dances, workshops, and the ASSDF Delegates Meeting at 9am Saturday morning. There are also door prizes, a Teacup Auction, and even a Silent Auction,  plus Split The Pot, at the weekend. All clubs are requested to provide Gift Baskets for the dance, which will be auctioned off, with a minimum bid that they place on it. 

NOTE THAT ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OF ANY KIND ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED AT THE DANCE WEEKEND...in the Gift Baskets or otherwise. This is because having alcoholic beverages at a square or round dance or festival, is in VIOLATION of the ASSDF By-Laws. Square and Round Dancing are designed as HOLSUM, FAMILY ACTIVITIES, and it is the DUTY of all dancers to see that it REMAINS THAT WAY. There was some miscommunication on this issue, so hopefully, it will be resolved for future dances.

Note that Proper Square Dance Attire is REQUIRED at the evening dances (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings)...although casual attire is OK for the Friday and Saturday daytime dances, and daytime dance level workshops. Note that depending on participation, there may or may not be vendors at the weekend...and there may or may not be a Fashion Show.

It's worth noting that ''While visitors can watch the dance at no charge, the moment they step on the dance floor to dance, they become dancers...and will be expected to pay the at door registration fee for whatever night(s) they are there. Otherwise, they will be asked to leave the dance floor, and the premises''...because of liability and insurance issues.

Schedule, Fliers, and Promotion

The Heber Springers and the Blue Belles And Beaus co-hosted the 70th ASSDF Fall Festival in Clinton, Arkansas, at the Van Buren County Fairgrounds. Jet Roberts called a fantastic Friday Night Dance; with Arkansas' Callers And Cuers doing the rest of the square and round dancing. At one time, there were 9 squares on the floor!! There was a Trail-In Dance on Thursday evening, with 6 squares...and the horse race Thursday night and Friday night gave a whole new meaning to WINPLACE, and SHOW (GRIN!). Chuck Hastings and Phil Moorehouse called the Thursday night dance. To top it off, 13 squares were dancing on Saturday night.

The 2020 Fall Festival will be in Texarkana, and the 2021 Fall Festival will be in Clinton. Fliers and further information on both will be posted as soon as possible.

Delegates Meeting, Lodging, and More

2019 Fall Festival Meeting

The ASSDF Fall Festival Membership Meeting was at 9am, Saturday, October 12, 2019, at the Van Buren County Fairgrounds. Several items were discussed, including the future of The Modern Square, election of new officers, eliminating the Friday night National Caller (these passing through the region are invited to volunteer to call), plus invitation for bids to the future Fall Festivals (the 2020 Fall Festival will be in Texarkana, and the 2021 Fall Festival will be in Clinton).

At the meetings, each square and round dance club should send at least two (2) delegates to the meeting, to discuss various issues related to square and round dancing, and with the ASSDF...including election of officersONLY clubs that have paid their dues to the ASSDF for the current year (due Jan. 1), and have provided proof of liability insurance for their club members (due by Feb. 1), will have voting privileges. This also includes clubs that formed later on in the calendar year. The ASSDF can NOT conduct its business WITHOUT Club Representatives; and that ASSDF Officers, or Callers And Cuers, can NOT serve as delegates at the meetings. While votes on issues may not always unanimous, it's a chance for dancers to have their voices heard, and to discuss how to keep the hobby of square and round dancing alive. A handout of items yours truly will discuss is located here -- you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view/print the file.

Basically, if you don't show up at the meeting to voice your opinion, and to vote...you will have no right to complain on the outcome of what transpires there. And, if no business is conducted because of a lack of members, the organization can NOT do what it needs to do...and if said organization has little or no support from its members (including getting officers to serve), the organization could fold up/disband, and all the benefits of the organization would be lost.

No matter if it's a small or large club or organization, it's the members and workers behind the scenes that make things happen. The club duty square, and special dance hall decorations...let alone publication of The Modern Square...do NOT just ''happen by themselves''. Now, while attending meetings may not be ones idea of a good time, it has to be done with ANY organization. And, if the vote does not come out the way you wanted, it is still your duty to get behind the majority vote, in whatever was decided.

Program Book, Ads, and Registration

Those who purchase an ad in the Fall Festival Program Book will receive FREE ADVERTISING on the ASSDF website, detailing their information for their business, ad, etc. from just after the Fall Festival (posted on the website in mid-October), through September of the following year, as a THANK YOU for their support. 

2019 Fall Festival Program Book Advertisers

The following clubs, individuals or businesses took out ads for the 2019 Fall Festival:

Pistols N' Petticoats -- they dance at the St. Paul United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, 2201 South Culberhouse Road, in Joneboro, Arkansas. For info, call (870) 932-7740.

There was miscommunication, so hopefully more ads can get in for the 2020 and 2021 dances. Details on those festivals will be posted as soon as they become available. As noted above, the 2020 Fall Festival will be in Texarkana, and the 2021 Fall Festival will be in Clinton.

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