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This page was last updated on Oct. 27, 2019. The Modern Square is the ASSDF's publication, containing reports from the various square and round dance clubs and organizations across well as information on upcoming special dances. The ASSDF, and your fellow square and round dancers THANK YOU in advance for your support, and subscription.

One of the features with The Modern Square are the Club Reports from the various square and round dance clubs in the state. These are prepared by the Club Reporters, which can be a callercuer, or a dancer, who has agreed to do the job.

The reports tell of various news items with the club, its members, recent and upcoming dances, plus changes and cancellations, among other items.

For The Modern Square, the reports have to be on the desk of the Editor by a certain day of the month, preceding the month of issue (such as April 5 for the May issue), If the Editor does not receive it in time, the report is likely to not be the printer has to have all the items by the 10th of the month, preceding the month of issue (April 10 for the May issue). The e-Edition usually is emailed first, then the print edition is mailed to those who have such. For more details, see The Modern Square page on this website.

Once I assume the job of Editor, if a report misses the deadline, it will be on this page, as well as on a page on the original website (designed for slower internet connections), located here.

Club: Maverick Mixers
Issue: November, 2019
Reporter: Daryl Stout

As the seasons change, things have been active for the Maverick Mixers. Guest callers Joey Duhamel and Gene Gancarczyk filled in for our own Phil Moorehouse, when he had schedule conflicts, and our own Ron Wise guest called tips at times. Our Backpack and School Supplies dance in late August raised $111, and obtained a bunch of school supplies, which were donated to Mabelvale Elementary School. Special thanks to Ron Wise and to Kathy Tankersly for hosting our club picnic in early September. Unfortunately, yours truly was unable to attend, due to taking care of things in the aftermath of my Mom's death in early August. Several dancers came by to pay their respects, and I appreciate everyone's condolences and support during this difficult time. Both my late parents got into square dancing before I did, and I regret that I didn't get into the hobby sooner.

Our 50's dance was held in late September...I'll have more information on that in a future report. Also, I'll have information in a future report on the ASSDF Fall Festival, which will be in Clinton, Arkansas, during Columbus Day Weekend. Future reports will include info on our Halloween Dance, our Veterans Dance, as well as our Christmas and New Year’s Dances. Check the ASSDF Website Special Dances page for the latest updates.

It may be time for The Great Pumpkin, but there are plenty of yellowrocks to harvest at every dance. Come join us the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Saturday (unless otherwise noted) at the Mabelvale Legion Hut at Mann Road and Leah Lane. Plus Workshop starts at 7pm, with dancing starting at 7:30pm...then we go eat and fellowship afterwards.

Club: Swingin' Cavaliers
Issue: November, 2019
Reporter: Anita Vandergriff

Hey Square Dancers, We're back on track.

After a nice summer off we started up with a bang. The Arkansas State Federation reps, Ted and Tonia Hofmeister, joined us for our first dance, and as a special bonus, brought Joey Duhamel with them, who ended up calling some tips! What a treat for all of us. Ted and Tonia are a lot of fun and talked about the Fall Federation Dance in Clinton, which we should all go to, and Joey is a fun caller so check him out!

Last week, we started lessons and it looks like we have a good class. A mom with her kids and some dancers who used to dance in the past, so everyone is catching on great. Can't wait till they are flying on the floor! Lessons can be joined until October 3 so come on if your nearby.


Looking forward to a great season so join us sometime. Off to a caller's class so maybe I'll learn something new!


Club: Bluebird Squares
Issue: November, 2019
Reporter: Carolyn Birdsong

I was so fortunate to finally find a night place for the Bluebird Squares! And even more fortunate to actually have people come and dance! Lol! I thank everyone for their support of this new caller and new club! My patter is definitely a work in progress. I know I will get it someday. It looks like we've got some interest developing with some new dancers! I'm hoping that there will be some lessons in the future! It's too hot in Arkansas to dance without an air conditioner and the first month, I thought it was just a bad ac but in July, several figured out the ac just wasn't working! It was 87 in the building. I had told people to come casual, even shorts! Summer in Arkansas! The ac was fixed before our August dance so we're good now.

We dance the third Saturday of each month 7:00 to 9:00 at the Saline County Fairground. It's Exit 116 in Benton and it's on the service road next to Interstate 30. You can even see the building from the highway. I went to many Saline County Master Gardner Plant Sales there! We will be dancing October 19th & November 16th.

My huge announcement is Phil Moorehouse has agreed to be the Santa and I will be his Elf at the Bluebird Squares' Christmas dance December 21st. I'm so happy to keep that tradition going! Tommy Ward has made a Tres Leches cake, Peach Cobbler with ice cream, key lime and chocolate pies. All desserts have been absolutely wonderful! You never know what Tommy will come up with! Thanks to all the people that brought snacks! The snack table is always overflowing with good stuff! Our September 21st barbeque went so well! So many smiling faces and happy contented full people! Ya'll come on over for a no-stress fun dance!

Club: Levis and Lace
Issue: November, 2019
Reporter: Ted and Phyllis Keeney

We are dancing at CHI St. Vincent's in Hot Springs now. We dance 1st, 2nd & 4th Fridays. Workshop at 7:00. Regular dance at 7:30. Please join us.

We are planning on having lessons this Fall. Please join our Facebook page to find out more about things going on with us. Hope to see you at the Fall Festival!

Club: Twirling Funtimers
Issue: November, 2019
Reporter: Paul Chernell it just me, or has this year just flown right on by? Well, Halloween is done, and now we look forward to two of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is a time for family. I hope that you are surrounded by the joy and love of family this holiday season!

There is another family. The family of local square dancers. I am very thankful to have gotten to know so many of you. The welcoming nature, caring, and camaraderie of this community of square dancers is like having a second family. We hope to see you all at some very special dances this holiday season. On November 6th, we are very lucky to get a second visit this year from Butch Danielski. If you have never danced to Butch, I highly recommend you visit us. He is a wonderfully smooth caller. This is a newly added, “special situation,” dance, and is in addition to our “regular” special dance in November. On November 13th, “Cherokee” Bill Cochran returns for our “regular” special dance. Bill is a favorite local caller, and really keeps things lively. Phyllis is usually on hand for a few line dances, as well. The theme this year is Zoo/Animals/Lion King. Loincloths, grass skirts, and coconuts are optional. :)


There will be no dance on November 27th, due to Thanksgiving. December 11th is our “Winter Wonderland” themed special dance, and we are super excited to welcome Joey Duhamel to Mountain Home. I have not danced to Joey yet, and have been looking forward to this dance all year. Many have told me that he is a great caller, and worth traveling for. He has many fans, and they follow him, so this promises to be a really well attended dance. I hope you can make it, too.

There will be no dance on December 25th, due to Christmas. There will be no dance on January 1st, due to New Years. Due to the unpredictable nature of the weather during winter months, we do not schedule special dances for January or February. We will be back with the special dances, on the second Wednesday of the month, in March. We will continue our regular dances, weather permitting, throughout January and February. As always, you are all invited to attend any of our regular, or special, dances.

The Twirling Funtimers Square and Round Dance Club now has its very own Facebook page. Please check it out!!! The URL is:

We wish you, and yours, the very best holiday season, and will look forward to seeing you back in our square next year! Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year.

Club: Ozark Promenders
Issue: November, 2019
Reporter: Roy Hestand, Jr.

Hope Winter is treating you well, if so come join us @ 116 Jefferson St. United Methodist Church in MTN View, AR from 7 to 9 every Thursday.


We will have a finger food dance for Thanksgiving Thursday November 21st. We will go dark November 28th. We will have our Christmas Dance Thursday December 19th. Will go dark December 26th. Thursday January 2nd will be our 1st dance of the year party.

We Plan to Start new classes 1st part of January, we will alternate tips, lessons & experienced. Come Join us, we will try to give you a good time.

Club: Pioneers
Issue: November, 2019
Reporter: Roy Hestand, Jr.

We are Dancing @ 511 Coley Dr. MTN Home, AR Saint Andrews Church we start @ 6 every Monday.

We are in another Set of Lessons, so far. We have 8 students ranging from 18 to 40, hope to keep growing.

We will have our finger food dance for Thanksgiving Monday November 25th & we will have our Christmas dance Monday December 16th. We will go Dark on December 23rd. Monday December 30th will be last dance of the year party.

I know it's a long way to come visit, but if the Weather permits, we would love to see you in a square.

Club: Jubilee Squares
Issue: November, 2019
Reporter: Lura Wade

Nearly our whole club went to the State Dance in Clinton. So glad to have our club represented.

We are planning our Mardi Gras Dance for February and look forward to having a large crowd like we did last year. Plans now are to have it on February 22nd, 2020, so we don’t step on any toes for a Valentine Dance the Saturday before.

Would love to have visitors on 2nd and 4th Tuesday nights.

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