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This page was last updated on July 16, 2020. The Modern Square is the ASSDF's publication, containing reports from the various square and round dance clubs and organizations across well as information on upcoming special dances. The ASSDF, and your fellow square and round dancers THANK YOU in advance for your support, and subscription.

One of the features with The Modern Square are the Club Reports from the various square and round dance clubs in the state. These are prepared by the Club Reporters, which can be a callercuer, or a dancer, who has agreed to do the job.

The reports tell of various news items with the club, its members, recent and upcoming dances, plus changes and cancellations, among other items.

For The Modern Square, the reports have to be on the desk of the Editor by a certain day of the month, preceding the month of issue (such as April 5 for the May issue), If the Editor does not receive it in time, the report is likely to not be the printer has to have all the items by the 10th of the month, preceding the month of issue (April 10 for the May issue). The e-Edition usually is emailed first, then the print edition is mailed to those who have such. For more details, see The Modern Square page on this website.

As Editor, if a report misses the deadline, it will be on this page, as well as on a page on the original website (designed for slower internet connections), located here. Reports noted below are in the August, 2020 issue, which was just finished, sent to the printer, and emailed.

Work on the September, 2020 issue will start around July 25, 2020.

Club: Maverick Mixers
Reporter: Daryl Stout

Due to a resurgence in cases of COVID-19, we've decided to CANCEL our Backpack/School Supplies Dance on August 8. However, you can still donate to the cause... please see the full page ad elsewhere in this issue for more info.

Unfortunately, we don't know when we can start dancing again...even with masks and all of our regular and special dances are ''on hold'' until further notice. Please call before you travel. Updates will be posted on our Facebook page, and the ASSDF websites.

August birthday yellowrocks go to Lisa Price...with anniversary yellowrocks to Mike and Lanita Hammett. My apologies to any that I may have missed. Also, while I'm doing well recovering from hernia surgery in early June, my brother is very ill. Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.

It's back to school time, but it's even more so for most dancers, once we start dancing again, since many haven't danced since March. But, you're always learning something in square dancing, workshops or otherwise. We've missed all of the fun, the fellowship, and especially the yellowrocks...but with this ''downtime'', no one will get a dunce cap if they mess happens to dancers, callers, and cuers alike, no matter how long you've been dancing. We just smile, laugh it off, and have fun.

Club: Twirling Lariats

Reporter: Heidi Whitman

Greetings, fellow square dancers! Well, we certainly miss everyone, all the good fun dancing, and talking, and hugging! We've regretfully had to cancel all future dances until further notice...even the one in August where we had planned to raise funds to repair the parking lot of the American Legion. Lord willing, we will be able to do it next year.

In the meantime, we're thinking about just getting together at a local park for a fall picnic, just to be able to see each other and talk. Maybe in September, or once it cools off a bit? Stay tuned on our Facebook page for the details!

May God bless each one of you with His presence and comfort in this very difficult time.

Virtual yellow rocks!!

Club: Twirling Funtimers

Reporter: Paul Chernell

Unfortunately, the Twirling Funtimers won't be dancing in August, so our previously scheduled special dances are cancelled. As soon as we determine it’s safe to do so, we'll post the reopening on our website. Check there for all the latest info, and please be well.


Club: Levi's And Lace

Reporter: Phyllis Keeney

I sure wish I had something to report. I miss everyone, if that counts.

We went to Crystal Beach for a week on Bolivar Peninsula. The beach might have had 15 people during its busy time. It was so peaceful. We had a place right on the water with great views. Of course, we had some family with us, which made it perfect.But, we are trying to keep away from people for 10 days to quarantine. Hard, because Chris has appointments, but we respect that distancing.


I pray everyone is well and stays that way. Love to all!

Club: Bluebird Squares

Reporter: Carolyn Birdsong

Well, same o, same o. This stupid virus is still hanging on. Makes me want to kick something! But since the nearest something is my dog, I won't do that! Lol!

I did call for the Heber Springers in Rose Bud June 26th. It seemed as if everyone was having a good time; no one threw any tomatoes anyway! I even did my Jaeggar patter, and no one left! We got to do several line dances too. Then the music died. I turned my system off and on about a thousand times. I replaced everything that I had a replacement for! Nothing worked. I told them if they didn't mind, I didn't need no stinkin' music or mic anyway! They were fine with that. So, I called without music and mic! Everyone still seemed to have a good time. I found out that when Phil had called two weeks before, the same thing happened to him. I was really concerned about my equipment, but it worked fine at home the next day!

It felt really good to be with square dancers again. I understand some people are hesitatant, and that's fine! Just please don't quit! I absolutely did not want to, but I had to cancel the July 18th dance. Have ya'll noticed we are letting this virus control our lives?

By George, we're still planning on having our High on the Hog Barbeque And Dance on August 15th. Everything will be furnished. All you have to do is bring your appetite, and wear your dancing shoes! Supper starts at 6:00, then Phil Moorehouse and I will do our best to work it off 7:00 to 9:00. I act like it's definite, but we all know it's not.

Actually, some good news! It looks like I've got some interest out here in beautiful Ferndale. I'm hoping to start lessons in September at the Paron Community Center.

I'll keep going through all my thousands of square dance pics, and send them to Daryl to put in The Modern Square. Some good memories!

Ya'll come on over and dance and laugh and eat with the Bluebird Squares!

Club: Blue Belles And Beaus

Reporter: Mary Craig

Blue Belles and Beaus will resume dancing on September 3, 2020. We will start at 6pm for Plus, with a review of the Basics. Hopefully, many visitors will be able to come. Phil will workshop how to do a ''square through four'' without hands! Local government is requring masks to be worn - until futher notice. Please call Robert at 501-724-3930 before leaving home, to confirm we are still dancing.

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