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This page was last updated on March 8, 2020. The Modern Square is the ASSDF's publication, containing reports from the various square and round dance clubs and organizations across well as information on upcoming special dances. The ASSDF, and your fellow square and round dancers THANK YOU in advance for your support, and subscription.

One of the features with The Modern Square are the Club Reports from the various square and round dance clubs in the state. These are prepared by the Club Reporters, which can be a callercuer, or a dancer, who has agreed to do the job.

The reports tell of various news items with the club, its members, recent and upcoming dances, plus changes and cancellations, among other items.

For The Modern Square, the reports have to be on the desk of the Editor by a certain day of the month, preceding the month of issue (such as April 5 for the May issue), If the Editor does not receive it in time, the report is likely to not be the printer has to have all the items by the 10th of the month, preceding the month of issue (April 10 for the May issue). The e-Edition usually is emailed first, then the print edition is mailed to those who have such. For more details, see The Modern Square page on this website.

As Editor, if a report misses the deadline, it will be on this page, as well as on a page on the original website (designed for slower internet connections), located here. Reports noted below will be in the April, 2020 issue, which was just finished, sent to the printer, and emailed.

Work on the May, 2020 issue will start around March, 20, 2020.

Club: Maverick Mixers
Reporter: Daryl Stout

Our condolences to the family of one time member, and long time square and round dancer, John Sides, who passed away in late February. This reporters recent surgeries went well, but the left hip was greatly aggravated from being on the tables, among other my dancing is reduced for a bit.

April birthday yellowrocks go to Phil Moorehouse...with anniversary yellowrocks to Jim Baxley, as well as to Jim and Nancy Finney.

The Valentine's Dance King was Ron Gesing, and the Queen was Carol Souza. Each received a ''crown'' and a box of chocolate. And, it was ''Ladies Choice'' for partners at the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Pictures for both are in the e-Edition. A report on our March 14 Chili Supper will be in the May report. We have several upcoming special dances this year...check the Special Dance listings in The Modern Square, and the ASSDF websites for more info.

There's nothing ADVANCED or CHALLENGING about it. In fact, it's very BASIC, right out of the MAINSTREAM of life, giving the recipient a real PLUS. It's a Yellowrock Hug...and, that's no April Fool!! You can enhance your Yellowrock Baskets year round, by joining us on the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Saturday of each month, at the American Legion Post 128 in Mabelvale, with a Plus workshop at 7pm, and dancing to follow.



Club: Bluebird Squares



Reporter: Carolyn Birdsong

A day late (2-15) but our Valentine Dance was great! We were one couple short of four squares! Amazing! I think they came for Tommy's Strawberry cakes he made! I'm glad he made two of them! Everyone ageed they were awesome! We had a whole lot of fun! I got plenty of videos and remembered to get pics after the dance so a few people were gone but most stayed. Check out the pics at the end of the E-edition! Thanks to everyone that came!

We won't dance in May, as there's something going on at the building the 16th. I was going to move it to May 2nd, and checked out The Modern Square. Did you know there's a ASSDF delegate meeting and then dance that day in Hot Springs? The Bluebird Squares will be voted on to join the ASSDF! So we all need to go to that!

We were going to honor our mothers with a special dance in May, but since we can't (I'm a tree, I can bend), we moved our ''Ma And Pa Dance'' to April 18th. It'll be a sit down dinner at 6pm, with a dance at 7pm. This is not just for parents, but for those with parents as well. It'll be $10 per person, for both the dinner and dance. Not sure of the menu yet, but with Tommy in charge, we know it'll be really good!! I'll have flyers before the dance, and we've decided we need an RSVP now. We don't mind having too much, but we don't want to run out of anything, either! When we ran out of potato salad, I thought the squares were going to revolt! LOL!!

Ya'll come on over and dance and laugh with us!


Club: Levi's And Lace


Reporters: Ted and Phyllis Keeney

Hope everyone is enjoying springtime.

We'll be DARK on April 21st for lessons, and April 24th for our regular dance, as CHI has a week long event.

We're having our Maypole Dance in conjunction with the ASSDF Spring Dance at the DoubleTree Hotel, on May 2nd in Hot Springs. We are co-hosting with the ASSDF. We can hardly wait, because it'll be such a treat. We're having 3 awesome callers; our own Gene Gancarczyk, Phil Moorehouse, and Charlie Robertson. I'll report on it in the June issue. I know it's going to be a great time. Note that we'll be DARK on May 1st.

Our lessons are going really well. Our Angels are turning out to help. Gene is teaching them well, and they'll soon be part of our club as members. We're very proud of them.

Please come and dance with us at CHI St. Vincents Hospital in Hot Springs. We dance the 1st, 2nd & 4th Fridays. Plus workshop is at 7:00, followed by our regular dance at 7:30. We love our visitors!!


Club: Jubilee Squares


Reporter: Lura Wade


Our Mardi Gras Dance was a great success as always a great time, good food, good people and a great caller, Joey Duhamel. He has promised to come back next year, if at all possible. Roy Hestand took the King Crown home, and Theresa Holley carried the Queen's Crown home. Pictures are in the e-Edition.

Thank you everyone for coming, and supporting our only special dance of the year. See you somewhere soon.


Club: Twirling Funtimers


Reporter: Paul Chernell

On April 8th, we are hosting an homage to space with our ''Outer Space/Planets/Star Trek'' themed special dance (April 12th is the International Day of Human Space Flight). Twirling Funtimers is happy to welcome back the special caller for this dance, Ron Wise. This will be a fun dance, so make your plans to attend.

You can check our 2020 dance schedule on the SW Missouri Square Dance website, and check out our club's website, (with info on upcoming dances, cancellations, or surprise guest callers).

The Twirling Funtimers dance at St. Andrews Episcopal Church, located at 511 Coley Dr., in Mountain Home, AR. We are looking forward to seeing you in one of our squares very soon!

Club: Blue Belles And Beaus

Reporter: Mary Craig

Hi, from the Blue Belles and Beaus,

Our last club dance was well attended, even though we danced on the fourth Thursday of February instead of the third.

April has five Thursdays. That means we'll have our second open mic night. All are warmly invited to come dance to the brave souls who decide to try their voices at calling. Those who want to call may call a full tip, or just a patter, or singing call dance.

April will also be our 20th anniversary. We'll be celebrating on the third Thursday. A potluck meal will be eaten at 6:30pm, and we will dance at 7pm. There'll be a teacup auction, and we'll have split the pot at our anniversary party, as we do at each of our dances.

The first Saturday of May will see us dancing at the Pioneer Village in Searcy at their spring open house at approximately 11am. Come join us, and enjoy the dancing (line and square) and the historical adventure provided.

The club would like to take this opportunity to thank Jimmy Green for all the times he has stepped up, and called for Phil when he has not been able to call. Sometimes Jimmy has been asked in advance, and sometimes it has been a last minute request, because something has come up. To Jimmy...we greatly appreciate you and your wife being there for us. Thanks!

Don't forget we have a plus workshop at 6pm each first, third, and fifth Thursday, before our regular dancing.

Club: Pistols N Petticoats

Reporter: Bonnie Hallett

We would like to thank everyone that came to our Benefit Square Dance for United Cerebral Palsy. Thanks for helping us raise $637 for UCP. A special thanks to the guest callers, Dan Halliburton, Roy Hestand, Ken Jarman, Ted Hofmeister. Also our MC/caller Boyce Brownderville… They all did a great job.

Thanks to all our guests from out of town, and to all the others in attendance. We really appreciate your help. Several pictures are in the e-Edition.

We have since then had a Quilt Raffle (the quilt was made and donated by Unia Williams). Thanks to everyone who bought tickets. The winning ticket was to be drawn on March 5th.

Four of our club member enjoyed the Mardi Gras Dance in Batesville, with the Jubilee Squares (once we got there). Had a detour at Tuckerman because of road closed.

Hope to see you soon at our Thursday night Square Dance. Always call ahead, as sometimes we have to cancel. Keep's fun!!

Club: Twirling Lariats

Reporter: Heidi Whitman

NOTE: The report missed the deadline, as their reporter is involved with renovations at her home. The full report is here, and a modified report will be in the May, 2020 issue. - Editor

Greetings to all our friends in square dancing! Now that winter is slowly fading away (never was too bad here in Little Rock), we are all looking forward to spring!

Our spring course of lessons is going well, with 4 brand-new students and 8 ''re-booters''. We so appreciate all the experienced dancers coming out every Monday night to be ''angels'' -- we have consistently had 3 squares each time! Our callers Joey Duhamel and Phil Moorehouse have been so patient and thorough and everyone enjoys the time together.

These 12 students are really learning fast! We will introduce them to the club at a Tenderfoot Dance on April 3, and our Graduation Dance will be May 1. So come on out and meet our newest dancers! Lastly, mark your calendars for our Annual Junebug Jamboree on Saturday, June 6 (we go DARK on June 5).

Keep smiling and swinging your partner.

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